The startup that oversees development of the world’s third most-valuable cryptocurrency, XRP, is moving to upgrade the underlying technology on which it operates. Announced Wednesday, San Francisco-based startup Ripple is releasing two new white papers for peer review – one describing XRP‘s consensus algorithm in a more formal way and the other outlining a way to […]


In modern sport, it is often the financial side that draws equal attention to the action itself. Sponsorship, advertising and complicated contracts are just as important as the action on the field. As the stakes continue to rise, it can be difficult for young athletes to break through without exceptionally high levels of financial backing. […]


J.P. Morgan has called cryptocurrencies the “innovative maelstrom” around Blockchain and said they are “unlikely to disappear” in what appears to be an internal report from the company, published Feb. 8, 2018. In an extract from what is allegedly the banking giant’s executive summary on cryptocurrency, the company appears bullish on crypto’s future. “Cryptocurrencies are […]


Blockchain regulation in Germany will get a “comprehensive strategy” and “legal framework advocacy” from government in a new push for legitimacy, according to a press release published by Blockchain Bundesverband on Wednesday, Feb. 7. A report from a consultation involving lawmakers and the lobby group Blockchain Bundesverband highlights a positive future for the technology, with […]


A new Ethereum Blockchain based platform called Acorn seeks to create an open, global community and marketplace for crowdfunding- opening it up to new participants such as those living in developing countries. By incorporating P2P smart contract based governance, Acorn plans to supersede the current roster of crowdfunding platforms, and offer a service which will […]


Huge amounts of money are being poured into attempting to resolve institutionalized flaws within government service delivery. As recently as November 2017, the government of the UK committed £20 mln (approximately $27 mln in the US). Just as fintech has emerged as one of the fastest growing modern industrial sectors, it appears that ‘GovTech’ may […]


Using Blockchain to interact with fan communities, celebrities can introduce millions of new users to the crypto industry to further drive the adoption of technology. TokenStars, a decentralized platform built on the Blockchain, aims to connect celebrities with fans and advertisers, and it already counts 15 stars onboard. Supported by celebrity advisors such as world […]


Earlier this January, the global cryptocurrency market exceeded $700 bln, reaching an all-time high in the valuation of all cryptocurrencies combined. Market capitalization amplifies an asset’s value by that asset’s overall amount in circulation. The spike occurred as a result of the increase in the value of more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies in use. Considering the […]