The world’s third largest cryptocurrency Ripple, has called on UK regulators to follow the lead of Japan and end the “Wild West” days of cryptocurrency markets by implementing new rules, The Telegraph reported April 15. Ryan Zagone, Ripple’s head of regulatory relations, urged British regulators to find a balance between “capturing risk and enabling innovation”. […]

Bitcoin Regulation

Coinbase has recently acquired Cipher Browser, a wallet based on Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, and decentralized app (Dapp) developer, to improve its own similar project Toshi Ethereum network browser, according to a Coinbase tweet on Friday, April 13. We’re excited to welcome @CipherBrowser to Coinbase! — Coinbase (@coinbase) April 13, 2018 According to a tweet […]


Spanish-based international bank Santander confirmed the launch of its Ripple-powered Blockchain payment network Thursday, April 12, becoming the first bank to do so. One Pay FX, which uses Ripple’s Blockchain technology to cut the cost and waiting time associated with international funds transfers, will initially be open to Santander account holders in Spain, Brazil, Poland […]


Global banking giant Santander Group is reportedly launching a blockchain-based application for cross-border foreign exchange on Friday. According to a report by the Financial Times on Thursday, the app, dubbed One Pay FX, is initially to be rolled out for Santander’s customers in four countries – Spain, the U.K., Brazil and Poland. The group said it […]


Ripple, a San Francisco-based payment network utilizing Blockchain technology, invested $25 mln of its own cryptocurrency, XRP, into Blockchain Capital Parallel IV LP venture fund, according to a company announcement April 11. The $150 mln fund is managed by Blockchain Capital, the oldest venture capital firm dedicated to Blockchain technology and the digital currency ecosystem, […]