Hello my friend. Shelley Washington here coming at you live from the DMV. And I want to talk to you about trading. Yes Forex trading and cryptocurrency trading. I am part of a company that has combined the field of network marketing and the field of Forex trading and now cryptocurrency trading. This is something that has never been done. Just think about this: You can make money two ways here. So when or if the company should go under, you will still have this skill of knowing how to trade, and you will still be able to make money, unlike most network marketing companies — or all of them really — if you do not sell the product or if that company goes under, you are left without any money. Your residual income disappears overnight. And that’s not what you want. So what you want to do is learn a skill that you can use for the rest of your life and whether that company is there or not, you can still make the money. So visit — well if you would like to join this company, just click or go to . And that is my link to join and if you should click that link, I will make money, but remember if you decide to join, you will be able to make money also. So bye for now, and I’ll see you next time.


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